CutMeShort introduces AI Link Creation, a revolutionary feature that empowers users to generate URLs intelligently and efficiently. This feature leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide users with customized URL recommendations tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


AI Link Creation streamlines the URL generation process by allowing users to input their sector of interest, refine their preferences, and input their destination URL. The AI then generates a curated list of URL recommendations optimized for maximum engagement and impact.

Customization Options

Users have the flexibility to customize their URLs based on their brand, campaign objectives, and target audience. They can specify their sector of interest, refine their preferences, and choose SEO-friendly options to enhance visibility and search engine rankings.

How it Works

  1. Input Preferences: Users begin by selecting their sector of interest and refining their preferences, such as interests and target audience demographics.

    • Sector: Technology
    • Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
    • Audience Demographics:
      • Age: 18-35
  2. Input Destination URL: Users input their destination URL, triggering the AI to generate a curated list of URL recommendations.

  3. AI Recommendations: The AI generates a selection of five optimized URLs, strategically crafted to enhance engagement and maximize impact based on the user’s criteria.


  • Revolutionizes URL Generation: AI Link Creation transforms the URL generation process, providing users with advanced customization and optimization capabilities.

  • AI Algorithms: CutMeShort utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to generate URL recommendations with optimized slugs, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

  • SEO-Friendly Keywords: In addition to optimized slugs, CutMeShort offers SEO-friendly keywords to enhance visibility and engagement on search engines.

  • Elevated Digital Presence: By leveraging AI Link Creation, users can elevate their digital presence, increase brand visibility, and drive traffic to their content.

  • Achieve Growth Objectives: With AI Link Creation, users can achieve their growth objectives with precision and confidence, leveraging AI-driven insights to optimize their digital strategies.

  • Unlock New Possibilities: Experience the power of AI-driven URL generation with CutMeShort and unlock new possibilities to propel your digital growth journey forward.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of AI Link Creation with CutMeShort. Elevate your URL generation process with advanced AI-driven recommendations tailored to your brand, campaign objectives, and target audience.

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